Blythe Holden

SVP, General Counsel

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Has Been a Zillan Since: 2005
Best Known For: Coming up with the best names for new products
Is Often Called: The Advocate
Proudest Shopzilla Moment: "Bringing the Los Angeles City Mayor to the Shopzilla office, where he signed into law the Internet Business Tax Relief Ordinance.  It was a hallmark day not only for Shopzilla but for all Internet Businesses in LA County."
Proudest Non-Shopzilla Moment: "Completing the 100-mile Ride Around the Bear, an endurance ride that climbs Big Bear Mountain, CA.  It has been rated 'One of the Top Ten Most Difficult Centuries in the County' by Cyclist Magazine.  I'm still amazed I made it to the end.”

As SVP, General Council for Shopzilla, Blythe directs all the company’s legal affairs both domestically and abroad, and manages the legal coordination with parent company E.W. Scripps. Blythe joined Shopzilla, Inc., in 2005 as Assistant General Counsel and was quickly promoted to General Counsel in 2006. Blythe first dazzled the Shopzilla office, prior to joining the company full time, through her involvement in managing the legal formation of Shopzilla Europe, which opened its doors in London in 2004.   In 2005, Blythe effectively represented and led Shopzilla through the company’s acquisition by the E.W Scripps Company.  In March 2010, Blythe was instrumental in lobbying for a new Internet tax ordinance creating a clear tax definition for Internet companies across the Los Angeles County and helping to secure the continued presence of internet businesses in Los Angeles, Shopzilla included. In addition to providing counsel on company policy day to day, Blythe continues to be the key protectorate of the company’s intellectual property and the advisor on all legal, policy, compliance, and new product initiatives.

Pre-Shopzilla. Blythe built over 5 years of experience in technology, and internet law. In 2002, Blythe served as a VP & Associate Counsel for Panavision, Inc.  Prior to that, Blythe joined an idealab! start-up "The .tv Corporation," informally known as "dotTV."

Blythe began her career at one of Los Angeles’ most renowned law firms Latham & Watkins, specializing in intellectual property and information technology.
Blythe graduated cum laude from the Harvard Law School in 1997, and summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota in 1994. Blythe is also a Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society Fellow.
An outdoors girl at heart, Blythe enjoys skiing and cycling.  She has participated in many cycling tours most notably the Ride Around the Bear, Bear Mountain, CA and Bike Haleakala, Maui, HI.  Blythe lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband.