David Weinrot

SVP, Operations & Business Development

"To ask is to seek denial. " – Anonymous

Has Been a Zillan Since: 2000
Best Known For: Cultivating new ideas and discovering new revenue streams to grow the business
Is Often Called: The Incubator
Most Interesting Thing Purchased Online: "My pocket beagle, Sadie"
Proudest Shopzilla Moment: "Creating career growth paths for people who show promise, then watching it develop and unfold"
Proudest Non-Shopzilla Moment: “The day my twin boys skied from the top of the mountain all the way to the bottom.”


As SVP, Operations and Business Development for Shopzilla, David builds new business and partnerships for the company, allowing Shopzilla to continuously find new ways to diversity its revenue stream.  David also oversees the company’s Ratings & Review Platform, its Syndicated Advertising Product, and email marketing programs.  Since joining Shopzilla in 2000, David has served various roles including VP Direct Marketing before being appointed SVP, Operations & Business Development in 2008.  In 2006, he helped create a scalable, self-service business to business platform  that allowed the company to grow 5 times in size within a short 18-month period. 
In his 9 years at Shopzilla, David has led and collaborated with various teams to launch and build several business lines in addition to inaugurating Beso.com, the company’s newest shopping destination.  Many of his peers credit David for helping the company establish a steady influx of cash during the company’s fledging years.  He also led the development of core email marketing capabilities, introduced the Point-of-Sale and Affiliate Advertising Programs, devised core B2B marketing programs, and established Shopzilla’s Ratings & Reviews Platform. 
Pre-Shopzilla, David built over 15 years of experience in the online media industry holding marketing and business development positions at MyPoints, Cars Direct, and The Walt Disney Company. 
David graduated cum laude from UC Davis with a double major in US History and Communications and received his MBA from the Haas School of Business. 
Outside of work, David’s twins keep him pretty well occupied, as does searching for the water ski boat that he shops for daily but will never buy.  David lives in West Los Angeles, CA with his wife Dana, sons Ethan and Aidan, and pocket beagle Sadie.